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Program Schedule

The 2013 Coastal Dermatology Symposium will feature live lectures, case study presentations, panel discussions and Q&A.  The educational program will focus on medical dermatology. 


6:30-9:00PM: "Welcome to Washington Wine Country" WIne Tasting and Buffet Dinner


7:00 AM:         Breakfast

7:45 AM:         Welcome and Introductions -- FOWLER

8:00 AM:         Systemic Treatments for Eczema  -- FOWLER

8:30 AM:         Contact Dermatitis Update 2013 -- MARKS

9:00 AM:         Photoallergic Contact Dermatitis and Photo Patch Testing -- DE LEO

9:30 AM:         Panel Discussion, Q & A

10:00 AM:       Break and Visit Exhibits

10:30 AM:       Pediatric Rashes and Growths -- SIDBURY

11:00 AM:       Practical Monitoring of Therapeutics in Psoriasis -- JACKSON

11:30 AM:       What's New with AK and BCE-- SLIGH

NOON:            Panel Discussion, Q & A

12:30 PM:       Adjourn CME Program

12:40 PM:       Company Sponsored Luncheon Program (non-CME)


2:00-5:00PM:  Winery Tours and Tastings (Optional-Additional Fee)



7:00 AM:         Breakfast

7:00 AM:         Company Sponsored Breakfast Program (non-CME)

8:00 AM:         Keloids: When to Cut and When to Watch-- BALDWIN

8:30 AM:         Biologics for Psoriasis: 2013 Update -- JACKSON

9:00 AM:         Dermpath Update: A Case-Based Approach -- SONNIER

9:30 AM:         Panel Discussion, Q & A

10:00 AM        Break and Visit Exhibits

10:30 AM:       Diagnosis and Treatment of Common Photosensitivity Disorders -- DELEO

11:00 AM:       Dermatologic Toxicities of Chemotherapeutics -- SLIGH

11:30 AM:       Great Cases from the Sweetest Place on Earth -- MARKS

NOON:            Panel Discussion, Q & A

12:30 PM:       Adjourn CME Program

12:40 PM:       Company Sponsored Luncheon Program (non-CME)


6:00-9:30 PM: Closing Reception and Dinner at Novelty Hill-Janiuk Winery (Optional – Additional Fee)

SATURDAY, September 28

7:00 AM:         Breakfast

7:30 AM:         Sponsor’s Update:  Who We Are and What We’re Doing (non-CME)

8:00 AM:         Psoriasis Co-Morbidities -- MENTER

8:30 AM:         Acne from the Expert-- BALDWIN

9:00 AM:         Advances in Rosacea: Etiology and Treatment -- FOWLER

9:30 AM:         Panel Discussion, Q & A

10:00 AM:       Break and Visit Exhibits

10:30 AM:       My Top-Ten Pediatric Derm Issues in 2013 -- SIDBURY

11:00 AM:       What's New with Psoriasis Therapy 2013 -- MENTER

11:30 AM:       What "Dysplastic Nevus" Means to Me -- SONNIER

NOON:            Panel Discussion: Medical Dermatology

12:30 PM:       Conclusion

All Educational Programs and Events Are Subject to Change